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Ask and You Shall Receive: Uncovering the Power of Generous Questions with ChatGPT on Instagram

ChatGPT's breakthrough strategy: Generous questions can have an explosive impact in your IG content strategy.

Yes, ChatGPT can help you create content, but it is also true that AI can create bland and flat content with very low engagement rates. The types of questions and prompts you enter in ChatGPT can make or break your content strategy, enter "generous questions"...

a type of questioning that goes beyond the surface to extract value, substance, and a treasure trove of information. Let's delve into the nuances of asking generous questions to cultivate high-quality and relevant content for Instagram.

What are Generous Questions?

Generous questions are those that are framed with a conscious effort to provide context, while being relevant, detailed, and specific. A generous question:

  • Demonstrates topic understanding

  • Connects with the person who is to answer the question

  • Provides context for a high quality answer

  • Provokes thought,

  • Encourage a deeper exploration of the topic at hand, & Fosters a rich conversation that adds value to all participants, including the audience.

Generous Questions in Instagram Content Creation

Let's see how we can use generous questions to our advantage in content creation, specifically focusing on Instagram narratives, post ideas, series, and even hashtag creation. We will be considering two domains: small restaurants and life & wellness coaches.

Generous Prompts for Small Restaurants' IG content

Normal prompt: Give me ideas for my burger joint restaurant?

Generous Question: Our burgers are seasoned using preparations from scratch and only top quality ground meat from local producers, we came up with this idea from our concern to provide a tasty all American burger to our clients. Can you help me with some Instagram Post Ideas along with relevant Hashtags?

Normal prompt: Can you give me ideas for vegan Instagram posts for my restaurant?

Generous Question: Can you help me draft some IG Reel ideas for vegan gastronomic journey that I cover in my restaurant menu with items such as Vegan sourdough bread, vegan pasta and vegan dessert? I would like the tone to be vibrant and on the side of funny.

Post Ideas (shooting ideas):

1. Share the journey of a dish from farm to table, showcasing the local farmers and ingredients involved to get to the bread.

2. A series on the artisans behind the dishes, telling the story of their culinary journey.

Life and Wellness Coaches

Normal prompt: Can you create some post ideas for Wellness coaching?

Generous Question: Can you help me draft some IG Post ideas in a series where I show my expertise helping people reduce or eliminate their dependency on insulin?

Normal prompt: Can you write some IG post ideas for wellness tips?

Generous Question: Could you help me draft a series of Stories Ideas for my Instagram where we delve into holistic wellness strategies that focus on a balance between mental, physical, and emotional well-being for people in the tech industry?

Post Ideas:

1. A series exploring deep personal transformations, showcasing client testimonials and before-after narratives regarding their insulin numbers and how different their lives feel.

2. Weekly wellness challenges that encourage followers to identify actions to balance mental well-being vs. emotional well-being?


Crafting the Perfect Generous Question

Easy steps:

1. Providing a rich context to the question.

2. Making it open-ended to encourage detailed responses.

3. Tying it to personal/specific stories or experiences to add a human touch.


In content creation, generous questions will elicit very high levels of content quality and differentiation for your Instagram campaigns, of course, they will require you to do the extra work of identifying your businesses differentiators and other critical factors, and the work will pay off. As you venture into your content creation journey, make generous questions your ally to craft content that resonates and engages your audience in unprecedented ways.

This post was written with the assistance of ChatGPT and edited by a very human human.

Thanks for the idea:

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Using generous questions for high quality Instagram content

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