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What an inmate might say when they are actually sick and might need medical care:


Would you know how to spot when an inmate is lying or telling the truth? Clear communication and understanding among languages are essential to ensure proper and effective medical care for any inmate in your facility.

Some phrases an inmate in a correctional facility might say when sick and in need of medical attention:

​Real Spanish


​"Me duele un chingo la panza, no aguanto más"

My stomach fucking hurts, I can’t take it anymore”

"Estoy feeling muy mal, bro, necesito ver a un doctor."

“I’m feelin’ real bad, bro. I need a doctor”

"No puedo respirar wey, creo que me está dando algo."

Bro, I can’t breathe, I think something is really wrong with me”

"Me está llevando la chingada, siento que ya valí… creo que necesito un doc.”

“Fuck, man I feel like I’m on my deathbed….I think I need to see a doctor”

“Me siento caliente, creo que tengo fiebre…no sé qué me pasa, me siento mal de verdad”

“I’m too hot, I think I have a fever…I don’t know what is happening, I’m really sick”

Clear and precise communication between the staff and the inmates:

Proper translation and interpretation into the inmate’s mother tongue helps to improve the safety and effectiveness of medical care.

Real language translation will allow the officers and medical staff in your facility to properly understand the needs and concerns of the inmates, which might help to avoid conflicts, safety issues and, of course, medical emergencies.

In conclusion,

It’s important for the staff at a correctional facility to be able to understand and address a situation that might threaten the health of an inmate.

Language translation and interpretation might be challenging but it’s essential to ensure proper and effective medical care.

So, make sure that the inmates have access to high quality translation services to improve their communication with your staff.


Do you have any translation questions about internal formats? Ask us!

Talk to our consultants and they will help you.

Together, we can improve the safety and efficiency of medical care for your facility's population.

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